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My story of collecting
hammer, copper, seeds, soil, handwritten letter, secrets
My mother's tomato mashing story
masher, copper, sewing paper, handwritten letter, kerchief, hair, secrets
My father's mustard seed story
trowel, copper, mustard seed, handwritten letter, louisiana soil, secrets
The Science Of Childhood
small antique colander, handwritten letter, collected cicadas, secrets
The fine tradition of fishing
antique farmers/butchers hook, handwritten letter, fishing lure diagram, secrets
...but I like the burnt pieces!
handmade antique crust pin, homemade pie, handwritten letter, secrets

Whenever I am searching through a pile of tools at a junk yard or an antique store, I am hoping to find a piece that triggers a memory. Then, and only then, do I purchase the tool and proceed to convert the object itself into a time capsule that is specific to it's role in my narrative history. I hollow out the handles, scribe a note by hand, document, then seal it with custom made copper caps. The year that I stamp as the opening date for each piece corresponds to the age of the individual from the story, or the age they were at death. I plan on hiding, sneaking, and burying these capsules so that one day they may have a conversation with someone in the future.