Ashley Gilreath
my studio space at East Carolina Universitytools and what not.sketch book peekcarving wax picture frames for castingframes after castinga glimpse into my sketch booknew space at Lillstreetroom Broom B torchessketch book peeknew hydrangea broochchamplevé next to cloissonélouisville tavernlouisville tavernlouisville tavernmy sketch wall, also where I sell my jewelry and collage my workarchitectural elements of my memoriesworking on my gravestone skeletons
design from one of the gravestonescompartment ringupclose latch, ball and divetideas and execution coming togetheri untangled chains from my grandfather's workbench and it took FOREVERlove it.death of a beautiful book, but a sacrifice much appreciatedbook cover necklace in progress, so many bezelsi like the way it looks without the top pieces set, this may inspire designs in the futurei was gifted an anvil by a lovely man and I cannot tell you how prized and beloved this hunk of steel has becomecleaning the anvil in progress, someone had spray painted it silver to cover up a thick layer of rust beneath, so it took me a while to bring it back to lifescratches and scars will be gone soon!after sandblasting, the details appearOH MY GOD IT IS MAGNIFICENT
These photos are of projects that are either currently being assembled, or have already been finished but still illustrate the steps and rituals involved in creating my pieces