Ashley Gilreath
Legitimate Publication!
Hey guys!

Things are going very well here, especially since my large picture frame necklace has been chosen for the next publication of the 500 Art Necklace series! This a publication by Lark Books, and you will be able to find this book all over the place; barnes/nobles, amazon, and small and large book stores alike! The "500" and "1000" series from Lark is very popular, and I am honored to be included in a publication with so many talented and up and coming artists in our field.

Congratulations to us all!
Another Residency! 2012-2013
Oh this is going to be great! I was just offered a position at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN! I will be one of five new artists in residence at the school, and I cannot wait to have the time and resources to work on my reliquaries again! I'm thinking of starting a blog to chronicle my new year at Arrowmont, and to make my metalsmithing process more accessible to students and those interested in my artwork.

I'm incredibly excited for this opportunity I've been given, and hope to make this a productive and evolutionary one! So come take a class at Arrowmont, and visit the world of fine craft in the Appalachian Mountains!
American Craft Magazine!
My work, "I Am Who They Were", was featured in this month's October/November issue of American Craft Magazine. The magazine wrote an article about art centers and the craft community in Chicago in preparation for this year's SOFA convention. Lillstreet Art Center was given much deserved attention, and my necklace was printed alongside other fine artists. So please go to your nearest bookstore and grab a copy of this magazine, as mine is not the only work that is deserving of your interest! For those of you who cannot find the paper copy, here is a link to the article on their website:

Enameling Exhibition, Residency Continues
My residency at Lillstreet has been extended until the end of January, and I am very happy to be continuing my work at such a generous art center. I am having so much fun teaching enameling classes, and have also been teaching at Evanston Art Center in Evanston, IL. Both places have been kind to me, and I appreciate the opportunities both have provided.

Guess what? Two of my reliquaries were chosen to be a part of ALCHEMY: The 13th Biennial International Juried Enamel Exhibition! It is a traveling show, through three different galleries and museums in Tennessee, over the course of almost a year. Here is a link:

I received, in recognition for my work "Cloistered", a complementary year of membership to the Enamelist Society, and a free subscription to Glass on Metal.

Pretty cool, right?!
Ohhhh SNAP!
I have been accepted as a new Artist in Residence at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago! I will be teaching and assisting metalsmithing classes, and I will also be creating new pieces for my reliquary series. I am very excited about this great opportunity, and I know that the experience will enrich my life and my work as a professional artist. Check out my links section for Lillstreet's website!
New year, new website!
Hey there stranger!
Welcome to my first and only website. I hope you have enjoyed my bodies of work. Please feel free to email me with any comments/criticisms you may have about my pieces or the website itself. I will be updating my news feed and portfolios periodically as I begin my new work and life adventure in Chicago!